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The "Saturday Strava Scribbles" Return

So, it's been far too long and, while it wasn't a parkrun, it was, quite literally, a run in a park, trying to keep up with guys more than 30 years younger than me. The conditions were perfect and, as you can see, the game had me pretty much covering the pitch. It did seem a little harder than I remember, but I'll put that down to Sunday's HM effort and nothing to do with being 15 months older than the last time I forced myself out of bed on a Saturday morning to do this kind of thing...

Scottish Half Marathon - Run Report

So, given that as recently as Tuesday, I wasn't sure if I'd be fit to even start the event, my goal was really just to try and ease myself round without aggravating my back which had, thankfully, pretty much settled. The "easing" bit, of course, went out the window as soon as I passed the start line, and I quickly settled into my familiar internal shouting match where I kept telling myself to slow down and get a grip of my pace. It had been predicted to rain, but thankfully that held off and the conditions were almost perfect, about 15°C, dry and only a light head wind for part of the second half of the run. The event bills itself as "Fast, flat & picturesque". Despite that, there are a few gentle inclines. The "picturesque" I can't argue with as it's the part of the world I live in and the start is less than 3 miles from my front door, but, to be honest, I wasn't really taking the scenery in as it all went past in a bit of a