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Edinburgh Men's 10k

You may recall that back in June I took part in the Edinburgh Race for Life for Cancer Research UK. This involved me running a 5k circuit up, around, and down Arthur’s Seat. In doing so, I raised £250. Not content to rest on my laurels (and/or blisters), I now have another challenge where, once again, I will be running in support of Cancer Research UK , but this time the distance is 10k through the streets of Edinburgh , starting at Edinburgh Castle and finishing at Murrayfield Stadium on Sunday 3 November. If you would like to support me, you can do so at my Just Giving page . All donations are hugely appreciated.

August, what a month...

OK, so I know August isn't quite over, but from my running perspective it is, and what a month it's been. I ran 10k or more on 5 occasions (I'd only managed that distance twice before in my life); so that was something a bit out of the ordinary, and something that if you'd suggested to me at the start of the year that I'd be capable of, I'd have probably thought you'd taken a knock to the head. In one of those 5 runs, I pushed my maximum distance out to 12k and, over the three runs that week, ran over 23k which was the farthest I'd run in a week so far. Earlier in the month, I shaved my 5k PB down to 32:26, and then, today, whilst herding egg-chasers around a muddy field, I took my monthly cumulative distance to over 100k for the first time. Let's see what September brings...

That was a tough one

It was a reasonably pleasant 18°C when I set off. Feeling quite comfortable at the 5k mark; not too fast, not too slow, and then it happened. The sun came out and the temperature climbed. Not surprisingly, my pace fell asleep the mercury rose. The last 2k were all about putting one for in front of the other and I was damned if I wasn't going to get to the end. 25°C at the end. Us pale skinned Scottish types aren't made for running in that. Never has a post-run shower felt so good.

Longest yet...

So last night was my longest run to date; both in terms of distance and time (although I'm sure there are physicists out there who will point out that, relativistically, they are the same thing). 12k in 90 minutes, and I won't lie, it was tough going in places. Having said that, somewhere around the 7k mark, it all seem to click into place, my legs finally seemed to have figured out what they were actually supposed to be doing, and it all suddenly seemed much easier and more natural. I wouldn't go as far as to say I'd found a natural rhythm, but it did feel slightly different and more relaxed. Still can't quite believe that from struggling to do the 8 x 1 minute reps back in March, I'm now doing this and, over the course of a week, cumulatively covering more than half-marathon distance over my 3 runs (typically 2x5k and 1x whatever I run on that night). I do worry that some form of intervention may be being required soon...

Swings and roundabouts (and a couple of water hazards)

My last couple of runs have involved me attempting to dodge thunderstorms with varying degrees of success, or lack thereof. Tonight then, it made a pleasant change to almost manage to stay dry. The reason for that "almost" being the fact that due to the aforementioned thunderstorms, I did end up having to wade through a stream that simply isn't usually a feature of this particular route. 6k in and it was either turn back and spend the next 2k running back up a hill that I'd just happier run down or get my feet wet. I chose the latter... Still, despite that, I managed my longest run to date and shaved 4 seconds off my 10k PB. I may not have mastered the art of perfect negative splits, but my my second 5k (wet feet notwithstanding) was 2:25 faster than the first and my final 2k were my fastest at 6:49 and 7:00 respectively. All things considered, and despite my poor shoes being soaked for a second time in five days, it's been a pretty good evening.

An unexpected lie in.

Was fully planning to parkrun this morning but my body clearly had other ideas. Didn't wake up until almost 9.30, so that put paid to that. Managed to fit in a sneaky 5k in a decent time this afternoon in a gap between thunderstorms, so not all bad though.

The story so far...

I started the Couch to 5k journey on 9 March. In that time I've done 68 runs and covered just shy of 300km (I'm not including rugby matches and the distance figure includes the time spent walking during the early interval phase of the plan). Not only am I able to run further and faster than I was before I started, I've discovered something I enjoy, that (so far) seems to help with my depression and, has helped me lose about 10kg as well. Today it was exactly 3 months since I graduated. That evening I admit that I broke the rules and carried on running until I got to 5k; it took me 39:22. I was knackered and elated in equal measure. Tonight, 3 months and 44 runs later, I set a new PB of 32:36. As for those 44 runs, well, 30 of them have been 5k or more, including four 10k runs. I've finished 7 parkruns so far and the Edinburgh 5k Race for Life. If you'd even joked with me back at the start of March that in under 6 months I'd be running 3 times a week co

3 days, 3 very different runs

Monday is traditionally my "long" run, but for a combination of reasons, I just wasn't feeling it so I postponed for the evening. On tuesday evening, I still wasn't really in the mood, but I wasn't going to let myself talk me into missing out another night so I head out and, despite everything, I managed a smidge over 5¾k in 40 mins. It wasn't really the distance or the pace I was looking for. Still, a run is a run. Thursday, felt much more positive. Nice evening, not too warm. Chose a new route and 80 minutes later, 10½k was in the bag. Might have done it slightly faster if it hadn't been for one 50m stretch that was so overgrown and tangled I had to walk to avoid the risk of turning an ankle or worse. Got home feeling much more upbeat than I had on Monday. That's the second month in a row that my first run of the month has been a 10k. Do I sense a new tradition brewing? Today, parkrun. I was on a mission. My previous best was 33:09 and I w