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Lies, damned lies and GPS data.

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I have worked out a "5k" route which I have run a number of times. When I say it's 5k, that's what the GPS tracker in my watch and Garmin Connect tell me it is. I've run this route a few times and, to within a few metres, I always finish in pretty much the same place.

Today, because it's a rest day, I decided to walk it and record it. Each of the first 4 kilometre splits occurred more or less where I expected them to. They were slight differences but mostly I put this down to the fact that I'm usually going past at a slightly faster pace and I'm not generally paying full attention to my whereabouts when my watch buzzes to tell me I've clocked a particular point. That aside, however, they were I expected them to be.

The final kilometre is where it got interesting. When I got the notification, I was still a good 250m from where I get it when my run ends. The cumulative margin of error for the previous 4k may have accounted for 50m of that difference, but not all of it. I do tend to run the last 500m slightly faster than the rest, but not enough that I think it would throw up that much of a margin of difference.

I'd noticed before, that a parkrun I did was, according to my tracker, only 4.7k. Given that I imagine the organisers measure these things pretty accurately (trundle wheel?), I assumed that the "error" was on the part of my tracker and not the course being too short. Today's experiment would seem to bear that out.

It does, however, make me wonder what my actual 5k time is, if I'm actually running about 5.25k whenever I do my own routes.

I'm not losing any sleep over it though. In the absence of any other contradictory data, I sort of have to go with what I'm being told. My legs certainly don't feel like they are being short-changed...


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#MilesForMind - Job Done!!!

At the start of the month I set myself a #MilesForMind target of 75 miles. Having started my assault on that total on Saturday 2 May with a half marathon, twelve runs later, I completed the task tonight with a 5k in glorious sunshine to bring my total to 75.59 miles. It's not impossible that I might squeeze one more run in over the weekend to stretch my total further, but those will be bonus miles; the target I set myself has been achieved, and I'm feeling decidedly chuffed with myself.

To anyone reading this who still has to reach their own target, good luck over the next few days. Happy running and stay safe.

If you feel like "congratulating" me, please do visit my Just Giving page and give whatever you can.


I know I've been pushing towards it lately, and having reduced my 10k PB down to 1:02:07 last time out, and having not had the best couple of days, the last thing I expected was to go out and better that time tonight. If truth be told, I wasn't even sure I was going to run that far tonight but, once again, my legs seemed to have a will of there own and as the kilometres clicked by, I realised something was going to happen, and when I reached 6k in a shade over 36 minutes, I knew it was potentially on.

The final 4k flashed by in just under 23 minutes and I "broke the tape" at 58 minutes 58 seconds. The result of this means that my PBs are now:

5k - 28:0410k - 58:5810 miles - 1:44:54HM - 2:21:21 I'm not quite sure where this new burst of pace has suddenly come from, but needless to say I'm absolutely delighted with it.

I need to set myself some new year end goals, but that's a nice "problem" to have, I guess...

A change of pace

Monday night was supposed to be long run night, but I cut it short to 5k on account of the weather deciding it was going to take a turn for the bloody awful while I was out. So, last night I decided to try again, and off I duly set.

Something wasn't quite right, and as I ground to a halt at around the 2k mark, I figured out what it was; I was bored.

Not bored of running, but just bored in general, with the weather, with my choice of route; the knowing that in 5 minutes I'd be at the fork in the path, five minutes after that I'd be into the woods, another ten minutes ad I'd be at the far end of the village, fifteen minutes later I'd be cresting the hill about to start the long downhill section towards the church. I've done it so many times, I could probably do it blindfolded.

Familiarity, as they say, breeds contempt. I may not have been feeling actually contemptuous, but I definitely wasn't feeling like continuing the run.

I was faced with the choice of gi…