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5k before nightfall

The evenings are definitely drawing out again...

After Tuesday evening's effort where I did my best 10k of the year so far, and second best 10k ever, tonight I went out and did exactly the same thing for 5k. Completed in a time of 29:09, which is my first sub-30 minute 5k of 2020.

Decided to redo the Week 1 podcast of Couch to 5k but with jog/sprint alternations instead of walk/jog; and jogging the five minute warm-up/cool-down sections after having done a warm-up and before doing an actual cool down. It sounds more complicated than it actually was and I may have been a little quicker if I hadn't stopped briefly to explain to one of my neighbours that I wasn't actually training for the London Marathon...

Anyway, it definitely felt good to get a "fast" one under my belt; and a pleasant surprise to be back indoors before the streetlights came on. The only down side is that I have to run even further to complete my 30 minutes of activity, but I guess that's a good problem to have...

Now just hoping that, unlike last Saturday when all my local ones were cancelled for safety reasons, the weather behaves itself this week so I can do the February 29 parkrun on Saturday since I'll have a long wait until the next one comes around...

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